Atkins IT Consulting
Mountain View, CA

650 887 3731

Atkins IT Consulting

We talk with you, not down to you.

We offer complete IT service for home users and small-offices.

What we can do for you:

· Improve your computers, both Mac and PC:

· Tune-ups and check-ups

· Hardware upgrades

· Wireless network installation

· New computer set-up

· Installation of peripherals (printers, external hard drives, etc.)


· Repair your computers:

· Data recovery

· Virus/ad-ware/spy-ware removal

· Hardware repairs

· Software re/installation


· Protect your data:

· Firewall and security software installation

· Anti-virus software installation and upgrades

· Spy-ware/ad-ware protection


· Move your data:

· Wireless and cable network installations for home and small offices

· VPN connections configured

· VoIP phone service configured (Skype, Vonage, etc.)


· Make your handheld toys and peripherals work:

· iPad, Android, iPhone, etc.

· Network or install your printers


· Train and instruct:

· How to use different software and hardware

· Advice on purchasing new hardware or software for your home or office


· How we do all this:

· On-site visits

· Remote control of your equipment over the internet

· Deliver your equipment to us


Prices: $75-$125/hr for on-site service. Substantial discounts for non-profits, students, retired persons, Meetup members, and in-call service. We also supply equipment/parts at only 15% above our own cost.